Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Imbolg Ice Magick

Merry Imbolg to all & a good morning.
A good morning, you may say; what's so good about today? There's an ice storm paralyzing a good portion of the United States. People leaving early for their jobs, trying to rush and realizing they get nowhere fast for the ice is debilitating.   Maybe all this ice is one of Mother Nature's tricks to make us all slow down a little. To make us all stop and take a deep breathe. Hopefully, it will be a cleansing one.
   Let's all just stop what we're doing for a moment and take one of those cleansing breathes.
     Let's all just slow down a moment and realize that we'll get to our jobs, our offices, our schools (if even open), in due time, and if we're a little late, so what? Is the world going to stop spinning on its axis?

                                          Probably not
Water is flowing, beautiful, cleansing, healing and very powerful. Besides earth, it is the only other element that can actually change its structure. True magick of Nature. Shapeshifting, if you will.
You can use the element of ice to rid yourself of things no longer needed in your life. Imbolg is a time of cleansing, of purifying yourself, of releasing old, outdated things, situations, or even people that no longer fit into your life - no longer needed or wanted.  Or, as I say it, to fumigate your life. What a great opportunity!

Go outside, put some ice or snow into a bowl & bring it inside to the warmth of your home. If your lucky enough to be where your not affected by all this ice, use ice cubes, & consider yourself lucky indeed! Sit quietly with your bowl, realizing that nothing ever really stays the same. Changes must occur in your life to enable you to move forward. Why would someone want things to stay the same? That's stagnation. Now, that's debilitating...bless yourself, the ice or snow, & watch as it slowly melts. Watch, as it changes its structure, and know you must make positive changes as well.
  Ask Brigid for healing, for new opportunities to change & grow. Take some of the ice or snow & rub it on your third eye for clarity, on your chest over your heart to help open it to love.Dab some behind your ears or pulse points like you would perfume. As you do this, take a deep breath & envision your wishes coming true. If it's really clean ice or snow, once it melts you can drink it & feel the power flowing through your entire body. 
    Light a white candle if you have one, if not, you can always envision the flame of Brigid coursing through you, empowering you with magick. Take a few breaths again & feel the power that lies within you. Now, go outside or look out your window & actually see the beauty. See it, feel it, bring it inside you to carry with you and know you have just been kissed by Nature, and by Brigid.


  1. Great blog, Laura.

    Thank you for including me.

    Blessed Imbolc,

  2. Thank you Kyttenn, and a Blessed Imbolg to you also.